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FM 1488 Animal Medical Center FM 1488 Animal Medical Center
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Loyalty Memberships

September Bonus Reward Opportunities- 2023

Bonus Rewards are available on the following services and products for the month of September 2023:

Double Rewards on Solensia Injections to treat feline Osteo Arthritis

Double Rewards on all Feline Wellness visits (includes exam, vaccinations, parasite testing, and wellness blood work

Double Rewards on spay or neuter surgery for those pets on a puppy or kitten package

Double Rewards for Dental Prophylactic Procedures

Double Rewards on the Purchase of Proheart 12 month injection (heartworm prevention) along with the purchase of 12 months of Simparica Flea/Tick preventative for your dog  (Purchase must be made on the same invoice)